Alexandre Peschel Spearheads Climate Action Through Entrepreneurship

GERMANY: More than a decade ago, Alexandre Peschel started his first company, embarking on an entrepreneurial journey that would eventually lead him to a mission-driven path focused on combating climate change. “The climate crisis is the most pressing challenge of our time and therefore the biggest opportunity to do something that has a lasting impact,” says Peschel. Recognizing the limitations of individual efforts and the slow pace of regulatory changes, he saw companies as key players in driving the transition towards a sustainable future.

Peschel’s vision materialized in Atem, a platform designed to democratize access to crucial data and enable companies to succeed with carbon offsetting. “Our platform is a game-changer, offering transparency and efficiency in a complex and opaque market,” Peschel explains. Atem empowers businesses to create a positive impact on a global scale, unlocking their potential to lead environmental progress.

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The Motivation Behind Atem

Peschel’s motivation to create Atem stemmed from a personal tipping point when he realized that fighting climate change required more than individual efforts. Researching tools to address the climate crisis, he found carbon markets to be crucial but inefficient.

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In an interview with Transcontinental Times, Peschel remarked, “The lack of transparency and market understanding led to poor decisions and misallocated resources.” This insight inspired the creation of Atem’s free platform, aimed at providing unbiased, data-driven guidance to assist companies in making informed decisions about carbon offsetting. “Our goal is to level the playing field and empower businesses to lead by example, transforming challenges into opportunities,” Peschel emphasized.

Balancing Personal Life with Professional Passion

“Balance seems to be an ideal, something to strive for but rarely achieved,” Peschel reflects. Building a startup demands sacrifices, and his family plays a crucial role in attempting to create balance. “Combining the most important parts of life, especially when working on a mission-driven project, is key,” he believes. For Peschel, being surrounded by inspiring people makes it easier to blur the lines between work and personal life. “When your work is meaningful, it becomes a part of who you are.”

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Navigating Difficulties and Staying Inspired

“Being a founder requires bold vision and resilience,” Peschel asserts. He has faced numerous setbacks and learned to see each as a learning opportunity. “Reassessing and trying again is crucial,” he emphasizes. His inspiration comes from peers who show resilience and optimism in adversity. “The resilience and determination of the Atem team drive us to navigate challenges together, based on our shared vision of impacting climate change.”

Alexandre Peschel’s Advice for Aspiring Changemakers

“Life is short, so make it count,” Peschel advises. “Be fearless and take risks.” He acknowledges that starting a company is challenging but filled with growth opportunities. “Continuous learning and evolving are key,” he says. Surrounding oneself with a supportive network and trusting one’s gut are vital. “Failing is not failure; it’s part of the journey,” he asserts. Peschel encourages tapping into one’s passion to find a path with purpose. “When your work is driven by a mission larger than yourself, you’ll find endless motivation. For me, the mission is combating climate change and making sustainability the obvious choice for businesses. Stay committed, be patient, and be humble.”

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