Aman Chhabra’s ‘Kathalfy’ Serves Up Urban Delights with Ready-to-Eat Twist

INDIA: In an endeavor to bring back jackfruit into urban kitchens, Aman Chhabra, the founder of ‘Kathalfy,’ is making waves with his range of ready-to-eat jackfruit products. Drawing inspiration from his childhood memories of jackfruit-infused dishes, Chhabra’s mission is to enhance the accessibility of this versatile vegetable.

Aman Chhabra, a graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, initially pursued a career in the events and entertainment industry. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a career shift, directing him towards the food processing industry. With a focus on the growing trend of plant-based diets, Aman identified the significant wastage of jackfruit in India, reaching almost Rs 2,000 crore annually.

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“At a time when people were focused on producing protein-based foods in labs, the nutrient-rich jackfruit was going to waste. I planned to work towards a better value proposition of this fruit in the market,” he says.

Kathalfy, founded by Aman, offers an array of 13 ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook jackfruit products, ranging from traditional dishes like jackfruit makhani and Lucknowi keema to innovative items such as jackfruit seed flour, pickles, pancake mix, vacuum-fried chips, and even chocolates.

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Despite facing challenges in conceptualizing unique recipes, Aman’s persistence paid off. Engaging in extensive research and development, he collaborated with jackfruit farmers, food scientists, and institutions. When conventional approaches fell short, Aman took matters into his own hands, experimenting with recipes until he achieved perfection.

Kathalfy’s success is not only measured in sales but also in its impact on Indian households. Monthly, the brand caters to at least 600 orders from various states, including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, and the Delhi-NCR region. Aman emphasizes a focus on taste without compromise on nutrients or resorting to artificial chemicals, ensuring that every product is something his own family would consume.”Since day one, I have focused on selling jackfruit to uplift its social status. Unlike other brands, I never wanted to term it a meat replacement product. Instead, I always promote jackfruit for what it is, which is also reflected in our brand name Kathalfy, which is Kathal plus Simplify.”

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With a growing customer base, Aman is optimistic about the resurgence of jackfruit in Indian kitchens. As more people rediscover the delight of incorporating kathal into their diets through Kathalfy’s offerings, Aman believes this is just the beginning of a long and flavorful journey.

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