Guillermo Campoamor’s Journey from Wine Connoisseur to Urban Mobility Entrepreneur

SPAIN: Guillermo Campoamor, an entrepreneur with a background in law and business and a passion for wine, has shared the unconventional path that led him from the challenging labor market in Spain to the dynamic world of international commerce and, eventually, urban mobility entrepreneurship.

Campoamor’s journey began with his decision to pursue his long-time passion for wine, leading him to a role at the Embassy of Spain in the food and beverages department. His subsequent position as an export manager for a prominent group of wineries allowed him to manage a diverse portfolio spanning more than 20 different countries, providing insights into global markets and reinforcing the transformative power of aligning work with one’s passion.

In 2017, inspired during his time in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry and traveling in Bangkok, Campoamor decided to step away from his stable job and launch “Meep,” an entrepreneurial venture dedicated to enhancing urban living by improving mobility. His commitment to this mission continues to drive him today.

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Campoamor emphasizes the importance of balance in his life, achieved through meticulous organization, punctuality, and efficiency. While work remains a priority, he dedicates time to personal pursuits, including exercise, reading, exploring gastronomic delights, and indulging in his love for wine.

Reflecting on life’s challenges, Campoamor sees them as valuable lessons, constantly seeking takeaways for constant improvement. He draws inspiration from the incredible people in his life – friends, colleagues, the Meep team, family, and his spouse – forming a supportive network that helps him navigate through tough times.

For those contemplating a change in their life’s path, Campoamor offers a message of seizing limited time with genuine enthusiasm. Acknowledging that change can be tough initially, he encourages individuals to focus on what truly motivates them, disregarding external opinions. He emphasizes the essence of personal fulfillment and contributing real value to society as the key to finding peace and purpose in our existence. Campoamor’s story serves as a testament to the adaptability of humans and the fulfilling rewards that await those who pursue their genuine interests.

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