Ministry of Manpower Joins Forces with AWS re/Start for Cloud Training Revolution

INDONESIA: In a significant stride toward addressing Indonesia’s employment challenges and enhancing its workforce’s technological prowess, the Ministry of Manpower (Kemenaker) has joined forces with AWS re/Start, a comprehensive 12-week Cloud training program. Spearheaded by the USAID PADU Program in collaboration with Banyan Global, the initiative is set to provide valuable skills training for job seekers and workers eager to enhance their expertise.

Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah, during a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday (30/01/2024), emphasized the long-term impact of the AWS re/Start Program. She stated, “Through collaboration with Orbit Future Academy and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the AWS re/Start Program, the Ministry of Manpower hopes to gradually overcome a number of employment and unemployment problems in Indonesia.”

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The AWS re/Start program targets various segments of the population, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, individuals seeking career advancement, young professionals, women entering the workforce, and even retirees. The program’s practical approach aims to usher diverse talents into the workforce, contributing to career success, increasing competitiveness, and fostering community growth and development.

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Anthony Amni, AWS Country Manager, Indonesia, expressed pride in the collaboration, stating, “We are proud to collaborate with the USAID PADU project with the Ministry of Manpower and Banyan Global, to create a future workforce that is strong and has diverse capabilities.”

AWS re/Start’s training materials are designed based on everyday practice, equipping participants with the technical skills necessary for intermediate-level Cloud Computing. Upon program completion, participants gain direct and indirect experience, making them valuable assets for potential employers. The Cloud Computing certificate awarded to graduates adds significant value to their profiles, enhancing their employability in a rapidly evolving job market.

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Nalin Singh, CEO of Orbit Future Academy, emphasized the significance of AWS re/Start in addressing the skills gap, stating, “AWS re/Start is the best answer that addresses industry needs both now and in the future, for professional workers who have a perspective and understanding of technology.”

As Indonesia moves towards realizing its vision of a Golden Indonesia 2045, the AWS re/Start Program stands as a pivotal step in shaping a workforce capable of contributing on both regional and international scales. Through this initiative, graduates will receive an AWS-CCP (Certified Cloud Practitioner) Certificate, unlocking diverse job and career opportunities in the global market.

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