Nitesh Bhawsagar’s Culinary Journey from Municipal Council to “Hotel Angat Pangat”

INDIA: In an inspiring tale of perseverance, 37-year-old Nitesh Dhanraj Bhawsagar from Tumsar has risen above familial financial challenges to turn his culinary dream into a reality. Born into a family acquainted with financial hardships, Nitesh’s father, a dedicated municipal council worker, endured 15 years of irregular payments, pushing him to seek additional work to provide for his family.

Following his father’s passing in 2008, Nitesh faced daunting challenges, navigating family responsibilities while pursuing a diploma in engineering. Undeterred by adversity, he initially worked at a telephone STD booth to support his family. Later, he ventured into the retail sector, serving as a customer service representative at Big Bazaar in Nagpur.

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Fueled by his passion for cooking, Nitesh envisioned creating his own culinary haven. Joining the municipal council in Tumsar in 2017 allowed him to closely observe the local food scene. With the unwavering support of his dear friend, Amol Choudhari, Nitesh’s dream materialized into the “Hotel Angat Pangat,” officially opening its doors in February 2023.

During an interview with Transcontinental Times, Nitesh emphasized, “Juggling familial responsibilities, my municipal job, and the demands of my restaurant proves to be a daily challenge. Despite the extended working hours, I cherish the moments spent with my daughter during school drop-offs and pick-ups.”

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Facing initial financial constraints, Nitesh sought support from friends. In the face of setbacks like a mud wall collapse, he persisted. Friends like Dhanjay Nikhade and Sandip Panday stood by him, extending their support by serving customers and cleaning tables during challenging times.

Nitesh’s resounding message to aspiring individuals echoes clear: “Never let down your dream; think positive and work for it. It will come true if your efforts are genuine. I am living my dream.” His transformative journey from a municipal council worker to a flourishing restaurateur stands as a beacon of inspiration for those daring to turn their dreams into reality.

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