Protein Works Elevates Leadership: Laura Keir Takes Charge as New CEO

UNITED KINGDOM: In a significant move for the sports nutrition industry, Protein Works has announced the appointment of Laura Keir as its new CEO. Mark Coxhead, who served as CEO for the past 7 years, expressed confidence in Laura’s ability to lead the brand forward, highlighting her exceptional contributions during her tenure as Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer.

Pioneering the Online Supplement Space

Mark Coxhead reflected on the journey that began in 2013 when he founded Protein Works, aiming to create the best protein brand globally. The brand’s focus on quality, formulation, transparency, and customer-centric values has propelled it to success in a highly competitive market. Coxhead recalled the challenges faced during the initial years, breaking barriers in the industry and eventually being acquired by THG in 2011.

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Laura Keir: A Natural Leader

Laura Keir, who served as CMO for almost 7 years and as MD for the past year, has been at the forefront of Protein Works’ success. Coxhead praised Keir’s leadership qualities, digital marketing expertise, and her comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the business. Emphasizing Keir’s commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to perfection, Coxhead expressed confidence in her ability to drive the brand forward.

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A Legacy of Success

Under Mark Coxhead’s leadership, Protein Works achieved remarkable milestones, including revenues of £50 million, 10 years of consecutive high growth, high profitability, and becoming the highest-rated brand on Trustpilot in the industry. The brand boasts a customer base of over 1.7 million and a team of 150 dedicated professionals. With an unparalleled range of over 1,000 products, Protein Works has become a powerhouse in the sports nutrition market.

A Seamless Transition to a Promising Future

The transition from Mark Coxhead to Laura Keir as CEO has been described as seamless, with Coxhead expressing pride and excitement for the journey ahead. Laura Keir’s passion for the brand, dedication to customer-centric values, and her ability to lead and inspire are expected to continue guiding Protein Works toward new heights in 2024 and beyond.

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In a heartfelt LinkedIn post, Laura Keir expressed immense pride and gratitude as she takes the reins as the new CEO of Protein Works. Referring to the brand as ‘The Rocket Ship,’ she highlighted her nearly 8-year journey with the company, emphasizing the integral role of the dedicated team and the unwavering support from the community and customers. Laura acknowledged Mark Coxhead, her boss, mentor, and champion, crediting him for Protein Works’ remarkable achievements, including over 1.7 million customers, £50 million in revenues, and consistent recognition as one of the fastest-growing food and beverage businesses in the UK. With a focus on uninterrupted growth and innovation, Laura expressed gratitude for the founder-funded story that allowed Protein Works to become her home. As the brand eyes numerous milestones, Laura affirmed the team’s laser focus on reaching for the stars, thanking everyone who has been part of the journey and acknowledging YFM for their backing. In closing, she echoed Mark Coxhead’s rallying cry, urging the team to ‘rip this up’ in the exciting journey ahead.

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