RCG Global Services Appoints Girish Pai as Chief Operations Officer

INDIA: In a significant development, RCG Global Services proudly announces the addition of Girish Pai to its leadership team as Chief Operations Officer (COO). With an extensive career spanning 25 years, Girish is poised to play a crucial role in shaping RCG’s strategic vision, driving revenue, and fostering global growth.

Known for his results-oriented leadership, Girish excels in digital strategy and crafting innovative solutions tailored to diverse industry domains. His track record includes successful collaborations with C-suite executives and adept management of global operations, positioning him as a valuable asset for RCG’s continued success.

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Before joining RCG Global Services, Girish bid farewell to Cognizant, where he spent almost a quarter-century of his professional life. In a heartfelt message shared with colleagues, mentors, and teammates, Girish expressed deep gratitude for the support and guidance he received throughout his career. Reflecting on the transformative journey at Cognizant, Girish acknowledged the significant role his colleagues played in shaping his professional life.

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A LinkedIn post by RCG Global Services expressed excitement about Girish’s joining, stating, “We are excited to welcome Girish Pai to RCG Global Services! Bringing 25 years of results-oriented leadership, Girish will be instrumental in shaping our strategic vision, driving revenue and growth globally.”

Girish’s departure from Cognizant marks the end of an era, and as he moves forward, he carries with him the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained during his time there. Expressing enthusiasm for the future, Girish looks forward to new horizons and hopes for paths to cross again with former colleagues.

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As RCG Global Services integrates Girish Pai into its leadership team, the company aims to leverage his wealth of experience to drive innovation, foster growth, and achieve success on a global scale. The strategic appointment underscores RCG’s commitment to enhancing its operational capabilities and expanding its global footprint.

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